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In today’s digital world it is more important than ever for public safety data and information to be shared among departments, between agencies and across jurisdictions to ensure the safety of our communities and our first responders. While the need for public safety services is universal, each community is different. What’s right for one community might not fit the needs of another. Tyler Technologies offers a variety of public safety software solutions to fit the needs of all communities, large or small. Metropolitan areas with populations of more than half a million and rural counties that cover thousands of square miles all need public safety services, but not necessarily the same set of tools. Through Tyler’s multi-jurisdictional and integrated public safety solutions, each agency has the right tools to meet the needs of their community while also ensuring the safety of first responders.

Tyler’s public safety solutions include computer aided dispatch, law enforcement records management, mobile and field reporting, mobility applications for law enforcement and fire uses, data analytics, corrections, eCitations, civil processing, and fire and EMS. From initial dispatch through final disposition, Tyler Technologies leads the way in integrated public safety and criminal justice solutions.

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