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Innovative Solutions Roundtable: Veritone

December 09
2:30 PM - 3:00 PM || -

Ben Ha
Veritone, Inc.

Topic: Live Product Demonstration and Q&A: Veritone Redact Application— Intelligence Audio, Image and Video Redaction 

Summary: Over the last few months our nation has seen an increase in violence, community protests, and public outcries for greater police transparency.  With many law enforcement agencies experiencing a decrease in funding, agencies are now looking harder for ways to maintain operational continuity while improving officer’s workplace productivity, and saving money.

Join Veritone’s Ben Ha for a live product demonstration and discussion on how Veritone Redact is helping public safety agencies enhance workflow efficiency, save time, valuable resources and money. 

In this session, you learn how Veritone Redact:

  • Automates and accelerates evidence redaction workflows,
  • Automatically detects heads, license plates, mobile data terminals, and sensitive imagery in audio video evidence,
  • Transcribes audio to keyword search PII  
  • Captures and maintains full chain of custody requirements, and
  • Securely hosts evidence within a CJIS compliant cloud environment.

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