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Keynote: How Artificial Intelligence Enables Privacy and Fosters Public Trust

December 09
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM || -

Jon Gacek
Veritone, Inc.

Reducing the cost of video evidence management (video analysis redaction surveillance & storage)

Today, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in law enforcement is not only on the rise, but already bringing real value and measurable results to the agencies leveraging these new capabilities. With increasing pressure for greater police transparency and tighter budgets, leading law enforcement agencies have been turning to AI-based solutions to help them save costs, increase workflow efficiencies, and maintain officer productivity while keeping their communities safe and providing public transparency.  

In this keynote session, Jon Gacek - Head of Veritone’s Government, Legal, and Compliance practice, will discuss practical examples of how law enforcement agencies of all sizes are leveraging various AI-based solutions to keep communities safe and help maintain public trust and transparency while accelerating agency workflows for tasks ranging from crime investigations to public record disclosure requests.