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Keynote: Are You Ready? 5 Ways to Measure the Readiness of Your Department

December 02
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM || -

Ari Vidali
Envisage Technologies

Covid-19, rioting, the increasing divide between our police and citizens they serve…as the world around us continues to change and evolve, increasing pressure for transparency and accountability in public safety is more prevalent than ever. The pace of change is accelerating and our only option is to evolve. How prepared is your organization for what comes next? Do you have confidence that regardless of the challenge, your team is prepared and equipped with what they need to answer the call?  Can you provide legally defensible answers about policy, training, compliance, discipline, budgets and most importantly, community outcomes?

Readiness is more than just a buzzword.  As a concept and a practice, it can make the difference between great community outcomes and disaster.  Find out how The Readiness Maturity Model ensures that you have the people, practices, systems and metrics to keep you in control.  Proactive management of your readiness will ensure you stay ahead of critical incidents rather than playing catch-up during crisis. Through taking an active assessment of specific criteria, we will provide the structure and framework for identifying how prepared your organization is for immediate challenges and how to prepare for ones down the road.  In this keynote, we will discuss:

·        What is Readiness and why is a framework important? Hear how standardization across the public safety realm will help create predictable outcomes and further the cause of making the world a safer place through readiness.

·        What key characteristics do organizations who are proactively managing their planning, training and learning, equipping and compliance efforts, embody?

·        Which best practices allow a full picture view of the critical elements in a successful training and compliance program?

·        How can you avoid creating accidental adversaries within your department through data silos, organizational obstacles and analysis paralysis?

·        What are the steps to take today and down the road to ensure you are consistently evolving and improving with the rate of change in public safety?