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Case Study Panel Discussion: Managing Personnel and Scheduling

December 02
1:10 PM - 2:10 PM || -

Sergeant Stefan Bjes
Addison Police Department

Captain Mark Boerboom
Blaine Police Department

Chief Edward Davis
Baltimore Police Department

Case Study #1: Building a Digital Ecosystem to Support Policing

Speaker: Chief Edward Davis, CTO, Baltimore Police Department

The Baltimore Police Department is working on building an entire ecosystem of software to help improve and modernize their policing processes. Following the BPD’s cloud-based software investments in Axon for RMS, WorkDay for HR, and multiple technologies to improve accountability and connect police officers, Envisage’s product Acadis will support legally defensible training and certification records for approximately 3,000 police officers and staff across all departments of the BPD.

The case study will cover:

  • How and why Baltimore PD is building the ecosystem
  • How Acadis is a major building block in their efforts
  • What kind of changes they predict by building the ecosystem

Case Study #2: How we used the PowerDMS to better serve our special needs community.

Speaker: Sergeant Stefan Bjes

1. Problem-Officers did not have access to our Premise Alert/Special Needs Registry
2. If we located an individual with special needs who could identify them on the street if they were unable to communicate.
3. We have used the DMS App to enter all of our registered special needs residents so that we can easily identify them through their photos as well as contact loved ones and reunite them safely.
4. Specific cases where we have utilized the app on the street (Danny Murillo-Autism, Non-Verbal, Bok Ye Jun- Missing Elderly/Dementia, Non-Verbal)”

Case Study #3Implementing intelligent workforce scheduling to protect the budget and the badge

Speaker: Captain Mark Boerboom, Blaine Police Department

Overview:  Law enforcement agencies are being asked to do much more with much less – while being pushed and pulled on all sides. In the absence of external support, it’s more important than ever to equip agencies with the tools and resources they need internally. The use of intelligent scheduling means agencies know with confidence they have the right number of people at the right place, at the right time – all while generating a powerful ROI when budgets need it most.

This presentation will include:

  • The challenges of scheduling via manual methods, or with programs not designed for public safety
  • Identifying the best scheduling solution for your agency’s unique operational environment to maximize ROI – protecting the budget
  • How Schedule Express intelligently automates the scheduling process, reducing human error, liability, and fatigue – protecting the badge