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Case Study Panel Discussion: Crime Analysis Software and Facial Recognition

November 18
1:10 PM - 2:10 PM || -

Michael Cunningham
CrimeCenter Software

Sergeant Alejandro Gutierrez
Miami Police Department - Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) / Investigative Intelligence Unit

Adeel Khamisa

Alan C. Youngs
Lakewood Colorado Police Department

Case Study #1: Using communications records and Google location information to enhance and visualize your investigation and prosecution

Speaker: Darryl Valinchus, Law Enforcement Liaison at GeoTime

In this presentation, Darryl will describe the data available from the 4 major carriers and Google, and how analysts/investigators can utilize this information to enhance your investigation and prosecution. 

  • Understand the types of data available from the 4 majors carriers and Google
  • What you can uncover from your data
  • How to use the data to create understandable visualizations and maps


Case Study #2: How Modern Investigation Tools Helped Bring an Officer's Murderer to Justice 

Speakers: Michael Cunningham, Operations Manager, CrimeCenter Software and Alan Youngs, Former Chief, Lakewood Colorado Police Department

Join retired NYPD detective of 28 years, Mike Cunningham, and former Chief of Police turned practicing attorney, Alan Youngs, for an in-depth case review of the murder of a police officer. Get an informed look at the critical role 3D scene reconstruction, facial recognition and photogrammetry all played. And learn how a modern case management system helped organize the investigation into manageable pieces, maintaining chain of custody and keeping materials courtroom-ready.

Case Study #3:

Speaker: Sergeant Alejandro Gutierrez, Miami Police Department

Sergeant Alejandro Guitierez serves with the Miami Police Department where he is
dedicated to criminal investigation and community relations. Sergeant Guitureez has
used Clearview AI to solve an array of cases, including homicide, economic crimes,
assault, battery and gang related criminal activity. At the forefront of every criminal
investigation utilizing Clearview AI is garndered community support. The Miami Police
department has done an outstanding job of hosting community engagement sessions
highlighting facial recognition use within the department. Sergeant Guiturez encourages
innovative uses of facial recognition as it has helped him solve crimes prevalent in his
local area and community, such as illegal ocean dumping. He recognizes its value to
investigations and its ability to aid officers of the law in their due diligence.