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Case Study Panel Discussion: CAD | RMS | Jail Management

November 12
1:10 PM - 2:10 PM || -

Captain Adam Geissenberger
Pinellas Park Police Department

Tommy Hanson
Douglas County Sheriff, CO

Jeremy Summers
Tyler Technologies

Case Study #1: Reducing Opioid Cases with Data

Presenters: Captain Adam Geissenberger, Pinellas Park Police Department, Florida; and Jeremy Summers, Product Evangelist, Tyler Technologies

In communities throughout the United States, public safety agencies are facing constant challenges of doing more with less. With more avenues of communication and the public’s need to know more details about what their local governments are doing, public safety agencies need to access and share their data more readily than ever. 

For the Pinellas Park Police Department (PPPD), located in the most populous county in Florida, public safety officials were dealing with an overwhelming amount of opioid overdoses in the city, a voracious need from the public to know more about what police were doing, and a better way to access their data.

With the collaboration of their crime prevention team and establishments within the community, PPPD was able to see the big picture of opioid usage and overdose with geo-location technology and analytic tools to reduce these cases by almost 60%.

Case Study #2: Leveraging CAD to help map COVID-19 cases

Presenter: Tommy Hanson, Application Specialist, Douglas County Sheriff, CO

As COVID-19 continues to cause health emergencies throughout the world, public safety agencies need a way to reduce exposure for first responders and track positive cases.

Dispatchers with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) in Colorado actively work to protect first responders in Douglas and Elbert counties by utilizing alerts in the department’s computer aided dispatch (CAD) system. With alerts from CAD, dispatchers are able to provide first responders with information regarding addresses where individuals have tested positive for COVID-19.

Topics to be covered:

  • How DCSO imported county health COVID-19 data into CAD 
  • How technology has helped map COVID-19 cases
  • Benefits of CAD alerts for dispatchers and first responders